Increase your investment power

Get the most competitive interest rates with our secure and transparent peer lending system

The problem with current margin financing facilities from banks and brokerages

One flat rate for all stocks. In the professional financing environment, every stock is different. Juggar’s proprietary matching platform helps investors to get the most competitive margin rate for their stock purchase

Level up on your investments on the SGX

Juggar loans are used for trading on the SGX. Our secure platform matches borrowers and lenders with complementary goals, helping both to maximize their returns.

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Why choose Juggar?

Competitive Interest Rates

Without middlemen like traditional financial institutions, our secure lending marketplace allows you to get the most competitive margin financing rate

Interest Rate Certainty

Interest rate tenures for share financing are locked down as part of Juggar’s loan agreement, as compared to existing brokerages where terms of tenure may fluctuate depending on market conditions.

Higher Buying Power

With Juggar’s margin financing, you have the freedom to buy larger amounts of securities, and diversify your portfolio. This increases the size of investment returns over a shorter period.

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