Maximise your fixed deposit investments

A flexible, low-risk, and transparent way.

The problem with fixed deposits

Traditionally, banks have low fixed deposit interest rates of 0.25-1.25% per annum, which means your savings take a long time to grow.

There’s a better way to grow your wealth

Juggar matches Borrowers and Lenders with complementary goals, helping both to maximise their returns within a shorter period of time.

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Juggar loans are only used for investments on shares listed on SGX

The performance of the Singapore stock market over the last 30 years has been consistently stable with low volatility.  Combined with Juggar’s collateral structure, this means that it’s a low-risk way to lend your money to people who are buying Singapore listed companies.

Why choose Juggar?

Competitive Interest Rates

Without middlemen like banks, you can receive higher interest rates compared to typical fixed deposit schemes.


Determine your own interest rates and period of loan that you’re comfortable with.


Compared to other crowdlending platforms, you have full knowledge of what your money is being invested in.

Minimal risk

Juggar loans are only used for trading activities on the SGX. In addition, Borrowers are required to pledge cash or quality collaterals. This protects you.

Let your fixed deposits work for you